Exploring Himalayas is a blog dedicated to Travel Lovers interested in exploring  and learning about beautiful and scenic natural places located in the Himalayas, but are not so much highlighted as Big Tourist Destinations.

This is an effort to bring in light and provide platform to the naturally blessed places which are not on maps and need promotion.

This effort is influenced by my recent professional experience on Community Based Tourism initiative in which I was part of Project Team (Asian Development Bank Supported Project). This experience came out as Turning Point of my Professional Life which forced my heart to dedicate a considerable portion of my time towards this Travel Blog too.

On the one side, this blog will be a platform for sharing new destinations, cultures, cuisines with the visitors and on the other side of this effort will definitely play an instrumental role in generating tourism based livelihoods for those community people who are being documented and promoted through this blog.

Stay Connected! Stay Tuned!

“Team – Exploring Himalayas”