Herbal Garden Joginder Nagar-Potential Herbal Tourism Destination

By | January 6, 2018

Herbal Garden Joginder Nagar-Potential Herbal Tourism Destination. Dear friends! Today I would like to take you to my one of the most favorite places in Himachal Pradesh. This is an herbal garden and herbarium, also a research institute in Indian System of Medicine (RIISM), Department of Ayurveda, GoHP situated in the lap of ascetic Dhauladhar Mountain range. This campus is spread over 24 acres of land. Climatically, this herbal garden is situated in the Sub-Temperate Mid Hills zone.

About Joginder Nagar:

Joginder Nagar Railway  Station

Joginder Nagar town also known as “The City of Powerhouses” lies in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. Historically, this place is a very important as it has bears the credit of having the first Hydro Power Project in Megawatt unit in our country. i.e. Shanan Hydro Power Project commissioned in the year 1932.

About the Herbal Garden (RIISM):


Herbal Garden

This facility came into existence in early 1950s. This is also an Ayurveda Research Institute of the Department of Ayurveda, GoHP. This campus is spread in 24 acres of land in the lap of Dhauladhar mountain range. The key objectives of this facility are preservation, conservation and storing of the specimen in a systematic manner. Being a research facility, a lot of research work takes place here specifically on classification of herbal specimen and sharing the useful information of the medicinal plants with the stakeholders such as Doctors, Cultivators, NGOs/ CBOs, Pharmacies, Scientists, Research Institutions and the common public. In routine, a number of visitors come here to see a variety of medicinal plants being preserved, reared and multiplied at this facility.

Herbal Garden Joginder Nagar-Potential Herbal Tourism Destination

Seems a very Botanical type thing, why should I visit there?

Eco Tourism                    Infrastructure

You must be thinking that Amit is today sharing technical and botanical type things ;). Here is my answer: This facility not only has botanical type things, but it also has considerable infrastructure for nature lovers like us. Recently, eco-tourism related initiatives were started here in which infrastructure for Day Camping, Bone Fire, Sale Outlet and toilet/ bath facilities have been developed.

Eco Tourism                  Infrastructure

Also the Ayurveda Research Institute has descent arrangement for accommodation and meals. There are rooms and dormitories available in the Kisan Bhawan where you can stay while visiting this facility at very nominal charges (Room charges are less than Rs. 500, while meal costs per person @ Rs. 60).


Booking Procedure:

During my recent visit to this facility, though I did not found any operational Camping Site, but one can book accommodation in the Kisan Bhawan with prior permission from the in-charge of the facility. Normally, you stay there for three nights through single booking. The rooms are descent with attached bathroom/ toilet facility equipped with electric geysers. Kisan Bhawan has a mess catering meals and tea etc. to the visitors at nominal charges.

Contact Number: 01908-222970

E-Mail: incharge-ism-hp@nic.in

Herbal Garden Joginder Nagar-Potential Herbal Tourism Destination

How to Reach:

Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/4ijVmMTsikK2

By Air:

Nearest Airport/s: Kangra Airport (75 KMs.), Bhuntar Airport (114 KMs.), Chandigarh Airport (262 KMs via Mandi & 300 KMs via Kangra)

By Train: There is only one train route which is a narrow gauge track from Pathankot to Joginder Nagar which is around 150 KMs. This option is advisable only to those who want to enjoy train ride and see the mesmerising scenic beauty of the Dhauladhar as the train takes more than 7 hours to reach Joginder Nagar from Pathankot.

By Bus: There are frequent bus services from most common tourist destinations such as Kangra, Dharamshala, Mandi, and Kullu. It is about 2-3 hour journey time by bus depending upon the bus type (Local, Non-Stop).

Herbal Garden Joginder Nagar-Potential Herbal Tourism Destination


  • A beautiful place where you can smell the essence of a huge variety of medicinal plants and herbs in the herbal garden.
  • A descent accommodation at Kisan Bhawan suitable and safe even for family visitors.
  • Walking distance from the Railway Station and Bus Stand (5 Minutes’ walk).
  • Ample space for visitors’ vehicle parking.
  • Vegetarian meals available in the mess of Kisan Bhawan.
  • A perfect accommodation for backpackers travelling with limited bucks in pocket.


  • No luxurious rooms available like hotels.
  • No TV in place in rooms (One TV set in the mess).

Dos and Don’ts for visitors:

  • This is a research facility. So the visitors are expected to maintain peace.
  • Use of alcohol in the premises is prohibited.
  • Maintain decency while staying in the Kisan Bhawan as many researchers and Officers stay there very often.

Best Time to visit:

A Morning in the                Herbal Garden

The visitors visit this facility throughout the year. So, as per me this place is ideal to visit during any season. But, as this region receives comparatively heavy rain during rainy season, it is better to pre or postpone your visit while planning during rainy season (July-August).




Herbal Garden Joginder Nagar-Potential Herbal Tourism Destination

Must Visit Places in and around Herbal Garden:

Barot Valley

Bir Biling






 Areas which need improvement:

The existing eco-tourism infrastructure is in a not so bad condition and should be used to establish this facility as an Herbal Wellness Tourism destination. This will not only help bringing tourists close to our Indian concept of Ayurveda but also will create livelihood opportunities for the local communities in allied tourism activities. The sales outlet can be further used to sell the range of local products made by local community as well as products of the Herbal Garden.

It will be my humble request to the Department of Ayurveda, GoHP and the worthy State Government to take up this matter in a good spirit.

Herbal Garden Joginder Nagar-Potential Herbal Tourism Destination

My Concluding Review:

Undoubtedly this is really beautiful place spreading essence of Medicinal Plants all around. The most beautiful thing I appreciated here was the peaceful and safe environment. The accommodation is descent and the meal too at economic prices which are far better than the commercial ones. The booking of accommodation here is subject to the availability of rooms as a number of exposures and training programmes keep going here in routine. So, better to check availability of accommodation well before planning your visit to this place. This place is well connected with road and also conveniently accessible by Public Transport too. The existing eco-tourism infrastructure is quite enough and only needs to be made operational.

I am giving 3 out of 5 to this destination.











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