Grasslands in Khundian – Perfect Track for Mountain Biking

By | December 21, 2017

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Grasslands in Khundian – Perfect Track for Mountain Biking. Himachal Pradesh is really an abode of Gods. The natural beauty and ascetic locations of Himachal have always been  mesmerising the visitors since ages.  Today,  I Would like to share  information about an unexplored but ascetically beautiful Track ideal for Mountain Biking with my esteemed visitors. This is the place where I paddle almost daily to breathe some fresh air and meditation. This is a plain Grassland on the cliff a mountain and a nice place for Mountain Biking.

This location is close to my present office based in Khundian Tehsil, which is around 17 KMs from Jwalamukhi, a World Famous pilgrimage situated in the Kangra district.

Grasslands in Khundian – Perfect Track for Mountain Biking

About the Route:

The Track starts from the HPPWD Rest House towards the Khundian-Sujanpur Tihra Road (State Highway) which passes through the top edge of Shivalik Mountain range and providing nerve thrilling experience to the riders.

Once you start from Khundian, you have to cover steepy slopes on the road and a steep gradient of maximum up to 35 degree in some points during the travel of 4 KMs from the starting point.

Once you cover the steep gradient, now you are in a different world which is the top edge of the Shivalik Mountain Range. One must take a pause and appreciate the natural beautiful scenery from this point.

After a pause of 3-4 minutes, it is time to start again the expedition. Now, you will found plain road with some low gradient curves. After covering around 4 KMs . from the previous halt, you will reach the Grassland site which is the final destination.

This is a very peaceful location with absolutely no disturbance and spreading aroma of wild plants and grasses.

Banyan Speaking Something

Ascetic Grassland Site p 

Morning Time

My MTB approaching Grassland

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