Baba Garib Nath Temple- Travel Blog and Review

By | December 28, 2017

Baba Garib Nath Temple- Travel Blog and Review: “Baba Garib Nath Temple also known as Mandir Sidh Baba Garib Nath Ji (औघड़)”, is a spiritual destination blessed with the mesmerizing natural beauty situated in the Bangana Development Block, Una District, Himachal Pradesh.

Today I would like to take you to an ever mesmerising and beautiful destination situated on the bank of mighty Gobind Sagar Lake. I got opportunity to visit this place with a couple of friends some time ago and felt a mixed essence of the spirituality and nature there.

Baba Garib Nath Temple- Travel Blog and Review

Temple Premise:

The campus of temple is constructed closer to the Gobind Sagar Lake with thick concrete walls giving an oval shaped outlay to the temple campus. Other most noticeable thing in the temple campus is a high rise monument of Lord Shiva which is visible from far flung locations too. Below the Lord Shiva’s monument, you will see some other Hindu religion deities.

The other portion connected with this is the Ashram of Baba Garib Nath where you can see his temple, a yagna (यज्ञ कुंड) and related belongings. This portion is connected to a Hall, langar (Community Kitchen), Office and bathroom/ toilet facilities.

After Summers and during rainy season, this temple remains partially sub-merged in the Gobind Sagar Lake, but the visitors can hire a boat to go there and return.

Baba Garib Nath Temple- Travel Blog and Review

Natural Hot-Spots surrounding this Temple:

  1. Ascetic Grassland plains:

This temple is blessed with the ascetically beautiful surroundings. While moving towards North-East, you will see huge grass land developed due to shrinking of the Gobind Sagar Lake in winter season.

  1. Gobind Sagar Lake:

One can enjoy the mighty Gobind Sagar Lake’s view on few minutes’ walk from the temple. During winters, as the water level goes below and there is least disturbance in the water, the water seems reflecting crystal clear blue shade, which looks very-very beautiful.

  1. Ascetic View of Opposite Lake Bank:

While moving further towards the Gobind Sagar Lake, one can enjoy the mesmerising view of the Opposite Bank glittering like Gold due to sun light. This was really one of the ever-remembering things I observed there.

Due to these above features, this place has become an ideal destination for folk music album makes and they generally come here for shooting their albums.

Baba Garib Nath Temple- Travel Blog and Review

Ideal Time to visit:

This destination is situated in the Una district which among most hot and humid regions of the Himachal Pradesh. Though visitors come here throughout the year, but I prefer to visit this place in January-February, which is pretty cool and pleasant weather. During this period, the Lake Water recedes and you can access the bank of the lake in your conveyance or walking. However, if you have to visit the temple in a boat, you should visit later.

Can we go for one day picnic tour there?

Yes! Ideally, its a one day destination according to me. One can pay homage in the temple, have some Prasad/ Tea/ Water in the Langar and then move further for a Picnic set up. As there is no availability of a standard food outlet in this area, my suggestion will be to carry some stuff with you and that’s what a real Picnic is 🙂 about.

How to Reach:

Google Map Link:                                   

Road Distance (From):

Una District HQs:     26 KMs.

Nangal Township:     28 KMs.

Chandigarh:                 134 KMs. (Via Nangal), 156 KMs. (Via Una)

Baba Garib Nath Temple- Travel Blog and Review


As this destination is situated near the Gobind Sagar Lake, a number of adventure seekers have lost their lives due to drowning in this Lake. So, I request visitors to take care of their safety and do not challenge the nature.

There are motor operated wooden boats (Public Transport) available for enjoying ride in the beautiful lake, but there is absolute need of improvement in these safety measures, such as Life Jackets, Professional Swimmers/ Coast Guards etc.

Dos and Don’ts for Visitors:

  1. Don’t go too close to the lake.
  2. Avoid use of alcohol, non-vegetarian meal and other items which are prohibited in and around a religious place.
  3. Please maintain the cleanliness of this wonderfully blessed destination by avoiding littering of waste items like Bottles, Wrappers, and Packets etc. so that others may also enjoy this place in its natural form.

Areas which need Improvement:

No doubt this is among one of the beautiful destinations, a must visit place in Una District, but it has remained neglected from tourism promotion aspects so far.

Local Administration should think on developing an eco-friendly infrastructure supporting community based entrepreneurship initiative at this destination, so that the visitors may be catered with local meals and other indigenous products through this as well as linking local community with related livelihood opportunities.

Camping and Boating can be two potential adventurous activities attracting a larger section of tourists. But, it needs to be worked upon considering the safety norms, carrying capacity of nature and the spirituality aspects associated with this temple.

My Concluding Review:

I will be giving this destination 3.3 out of 5 considering the fact that this is a very beautiful location where everyone can feel him/ self-closer to the Mother-Nature, but these gaps areas need further improvement too.

At last, I would like to Thank my friends Jai Sharma,  Er.  Sunil Dhiman,  Shashank Gautam and Mr. Birender Pathania who accompanied me during this day out and made the journey memorable.










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  1. Birender pathania

    It would be a nice spot adjacent to Sh. Naina devi.One can have the experience of heart felt reminiscences.I too remember the time….wonderful natural phenomenon of golden light on the verge of Govind Sagar Lake'(behind Jai’s photo).

  2. Manjeet

    Amit bhai Location is so beautiful and your blog is also so informative.Great job ,keep it up


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